Riddles Of The בן איש חי

אמרי בינה is a sefer of חידות ופתרונם of הרב יוסף חיים זצ”ל the בן איש חי. He wrote the sefer as a means of sharpening the minds of his talmidim. Here in this presentation you will find a few of these riddles to enjoy with your class.


These riddles chosen from the Sefer אמרי בינה are all במילי דעלמא as opposed to the part of the Sefer which has riddles based on Gemoro and Mishna. Some of these riddles are to be found elsewhere, but here they are presented with Halocho Animated’s usual style of editable animation. So if you are looking for a challenge for your pupils (or yourself) go ahead and download.


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